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posted Feb 4, 2013, 5:08 PM by Richard Forster   [ updated Mar 8, 2013, 12:59 PM ]
Great day. Arrived Friday night after a speedy day for the sailors, and a 'boisterous' one for the rowers.  The traditional Friday night revelry was a spit roast and entertainment from Elly and her band.  Jetty House and the woofers was exemplary. Southport community put on a great cafe.  Tents adorning the campsite.  In the morning 'Imagine' voyaged across to Deep Hole, others took a side trip on the Ida Bay Railway.  Historian Greg Hogg gave a talk on the history of the Southport Regatta (back to 1932).  At the campsite frenzied cardboard boat building. At 2pm 7 cardboard boats were launched, the winner being Crabwacker, defeating Pocket Rocket which disintegrated and several others which completed the race.  Many boats took part in the Regatta race, which followed a triangular course around the bay. Sailing boats completed two circuits, rowing boats one.  Somebody won - maybe Black Pearl.  Of the two rowing craft Julian Robinson in Joy came first, beating Imagine home.  Another lovely meal in the evening.

Our Rowing Correspondent

And for a second viewpoint:

A slow start after a fairly big night  for a few??? Bob and Jamie supplemented 
the normal continental brekky with yummy toasted ham sanger's. As you can tell,
apart from wooden boats , food plays a big part in LBT life. Quite a few activities
were planned for the Southport Regatta. One group headed over to the Southport
narrows where local historian Greg entertained with local history and information
the French garden we had visited a couple days before. Another group had a trip
on the Ida bay railway up to Ida bay and on to ???? Gem store. Back at Jetty House
the kids were beginning their boat construction of the cardboard quick and dirty.
Six fine craft were constructed with rather a lot of cello tape over a couple of hours.
Boats were then proudly carried to the beach where a course had been set and after
a frenetic start four of the six boats completed the course a record I believe , a
great time was had by all.

Then it was onto the main event the Regatta a healthy fleet took to the starting line
for the two lap race. A great finish occurred after the wind orchestrated a gathering
of the fleet at the last mark.  We were lucky to have Celia Leverton on the bow to
record the photo finishes. Under the mysterious handicapping system decreed by
the fleet admiral Black Pearl was declared a popular winner.

Much discussion had taken place on whether we were going to make it to Mickeys
Bay before an ominous weather change.  Finally a decision was made.  It was all
go, we were to leave the beach at 8 am.  After another fine breakfast the camp
sight cleared quickly after the 6 am rising.

Thanks again to Ros and Carl and the folk at Jetty house for another memorable

Ali McRae