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Oyster Cove to Hobart

posted Feb 9, 2013, 12:19 AM by Richard Forster
From Yukon:

Weighed anchor, with much effort,  got shipshape and had breakfast on board, then sailed to Kettering to pick up the day passengers.  Proceeded on our way up the channel under full sail including square sail  and raffee.  Blustery winds blew out the jib sheet, during which Richard lost his hat and glasses - but the rest of the crew handled it with ease!  Reduced sail, and in heavy traffic in the Derwent reverted to using motor.  Joined other tall ships for the sail past into Hobart - eventually to Elizabeth Street Dock, where we left a great skipper and mate.  Off to the pub. 

Jane Walduck

And from 'Imagine':

Leaving Oyster Cove with a dolphin escort, “Imagine” set off for the final leg. After a slight delay with a Neil Oliver film crew (cameras clicking everywhere!), rowing conditions were again much enjoyed as the Skiff rode the winds, swell, and currents, joining hundreds of fellow wooden boats for the surge into Hobart. Welcome assistance from “Vado” and “Thowra” after the onslaught of more wild Northerlies saw the Skiff row in first to be greeted by the cheering crowd  and wonderful atmosphere offered by the capital city. The whole idea of “Imagine building and rowing our own boat into Hobart” had become an incredible reality for a group of hopeful, determined women with a wonderful sense of achievement.

The Raid had lived up to all its potential – offering challenges, adventure, camaraderie and the unforgettable experience of carving a course 197km from Cockle Creek to Hobart, as fellow explorers and travellers have done, throughout history.

Jane Johnson